Dot Spot Forget-me-Not spotted fabric bird stitch kits with instructions
Dot Spot Forget-me-Not bird spotted fabric colours beige, brown, & greenDot Spot Forget-me-Not bird spotted fabric colours grey, mauve, & pale blueDot Spot Forget-me-Not bird spotted fabric colours pink, purple, & tealDot Spot Forget-me-Not bird spotted fabric colours turquoise & yellow

Dot Spot Forget-me-Not fabric bird kits


These delightful little fabric bird kits, with their chubby bodies and cute feet, require basic sewing skills only and make a lovely gift.


These “Dot Spot Forget-me-Not” fabric bird kits are a unique design and creation by Maggie Smith. They make an excellent gift for friends or family who love to sew, or as a thoughtful present lovingly hand made for someone you hold dear.

With easy to follow diagrams and instructions these simply constructed fabric birds require basic sewing skills only. Happily stuffed and shaped with a few stitches, they come in a variety of colours.

Included in the kits are:

  • Spotted fabric for the body
  • One square of coloured material for the beak
  • Felt for the feet
  • A cardboard template for the feet
  • A square of stiffening for the feet
  • Two pipecleaners for the legs
  • A long strip of material to cover the legs
  • Stranded embroidery thread for the eyes
  • Strong thread for shaping the body
  • And lastly, Instructions!

You will also need

  • White polyester thread for stitching the bird together
  • Either machine polyester, or stranded embroidery thread (if hand stitching) for the feet
  • Kite marked toy stuffing, cotton wool, or another source of stuffing.
  • Lastly, a long-eyed sewing needle and a long darning needle.

Stock of these bird kits is ever-changing and occasionally there may be slight delays in dispatching orders as new kits are made up. I’ll endeavor to keep you up-to-date but if in doubt, or you need a kit in a hurry, please get in touch to confirm stock levels first.

The “Dot Spot Forget-me-Not Bird” is © Maggie Smith and based on “birds with attitude” from her book ‘Get Stuffed, shape, stuff and stitch’. Kits are exclusively available to buy online from this website.

Colours Beige, Brown, Green, Grey, Mauve, Pale Blue, Pink, Purple, Teal, Turquoise, Yellow