Bovver Birds (with Big Boots)
Hand painted & emboridered fabric bird posing on wood

Hand painted, stitched & stuffed fabric “Bovver” birds


Individually hand painted and embroidered, these mischievous little “Bovver” birds are ready to spring from their gift box and cause chaos on your shelves. Includes P&P.

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Bovver birds, with their chubby fabric body, are made from soft un-bleached calico, and are so-called because of their big “boots”. They evolved from the earlier “Birds with Attitude”, shown on pg.14 of Get Stuffed book. Each bird is stitched, stuffed, embroidered, and then hand-painted, and seen in the flesh are often thought to be made from suede or wood.

Although I work with the same colour palette when painting the birds, the unpredictable nature of painting stuffed fabric means each bird has its own unique colour shades and markings, making every one an individual.

N.B. These are not toys and are not suitable for very small children. Due to the nature of hand-painting I can not guarantee your bird will look exactly like the ones in the images. Stock is ever-changing and as each bird is handmade slight delays may occur.