Get Stuffed: shape, stuff and stitch by Maggie Smith

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Get Stuffed: Shape, Stuff and Stitch presents a fresh approach to quilt and applique techniques, featuring 24 pages of inspiring samples and practical advice to inspire both beginner and experienced maker alike.

A close-up of the Get Stuffed book cover

Get Stuffed: Shape, Stuff and Stitch by Maggie Smith. ISBN: 978-1904499367

A sneak peak of page 1 of Maggie Smith's Get Stuffed

Several pages have useful patterns like this page’s Chevron pattern.

Written in clear, concise language and accompanied by over 60 colour photographs, Get Stuffed takes you through a logical sequence from designing, shaping and stuffing surfaces, through embellishing with hand embroidery and paint, to developing quirky and imaginative finished pieces using basic three-dimensional forms.

Stuffing is used in its widest sense, and you’re encouraged to mix traditional techniques like English, Italian, and Trapunto quilting, with unconventional stuffing material, like washers, wire and cotton balls.

From textured, raised pattern, dimpled with exquisite stitches, painted and varnished surfaces using mixed media, to three dimensional stuffed birds and characterful dolls, the book will delight and encourage you to get started creating for practical and decorative purposes.


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Get Stuffed: shape, stuff and stitch. Small fabric birds by Maggie Smith

Small fabric birds embellished with hand stitching