Buy Get Stuffed & Get Plastered in Canada and Australia

I’m very pleased to announce that would-be shape, stuff and stitchers in Canada and Australia can now purchase both my Get Stuffed and Get Plastered books directly from local outlets.

Books For You (Canada) and Canberra Needlework (Australia) both now hold stock of my books, which should mean improved delivery times as orders no longer have to traverse earth and sea to reach their destination. Of course, should you want to order from us then that will still be possible too.

Both outlets also carry a hand-picked range of other creative textile and needlework books for your delectation, and can be contacted using the following details:

Books For YouCarole Van Die
Tel. +1 (613) 821-2661 or
Toll Free at +1 (800) 282-4502 (Canada only)
Canberra NeedleworkRobyn A Duncan
E-mail :
Tel: +61 (0) 427 625 145

2 thoughts on “Buy Get Stuffed & Get Plastered in Canada and Australia

  1. How can your Get Stuffed book be purchased for those living in the USA? I already have a Paypal account setup for online purchases. I’ve also purchased from the African fabric without problems (your book was mentioned on site)

    • Hi Michaelle. We still accept international orders (and that wont be changing) so you’re welcome to order directly from our online shop and pay via Paypal. Hth! M.

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